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MAESTRO Live for Sharepoint

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MAESTRO Live for Teams

Maestro Live is an invisible agent that sits behind systems such as SharePoint to automatically create rich metadata, assign compliance and lifecycle rules as well as determine the right level of sensitivity for each new document or email.

Our objective is to remove end users from the Information Management equation. For example, for a user, it is a simple as dragging and dropping a document in a SharePoint library and Maestro Live will do the rest. It will create rich metadata in the SharePoint columns and apply the proper sensitivity and retentions labels with absolutely no human intervention. All of this happens live with no waiting time, can immediately see what metadata is added to SharePoint. The same logic applies for incoming or outgoing emails, we’ve got you covered.

Because Maestro Live shares the same configuration as Maestro Heritage, you cand reuse the configuration that was created for your cleanup project with Maestro Live for a fast deployment. This will then guarantee that the old information chaos will never be recreated.

Maestro Live transparently with SharePoint on prem and on-line, Open Text Content Server, shared drives and many other platforms.