Organizations striving to better manage their information holdings are often struggling to find the right approach to develop a consistent Enterprise Information Architecture. Cogniva has invested significantly in R&D over the last 18 years to resolve this problem by developing its own IA Methodology and Framework. Cogniva’s Methodology has many benefits over traditional approaches, it is a formal, well-defined procedure that not only produces consistent results applicable to many platforms but also reduces overhead, both in terms of human resources, time and budget.

When you hire Cogniva to develop your IA, you do not just get individual resources but a highly trained Information Architects team with a proven methodology. Utilization of the Cogniva Methodology and Framework will prevent you from having to develop your own approach by trial and error without all potential the risks of delays and cost overruns usually associated with this type of initiative. Whether you need strategic advice, guidance and knowledge transfer for your IA team or need to build a new Enterprise Architecture, Cogniva has the right resources for you.