Cogniva's C3 Software: Proactive Information Governance

Although enterprises can better understand and embrace effective Information Governance, they often struggle with the transition from strategy to execution. The difficulty resides in transforming policies and strategies to actionable information governance. To successfully implement this type of Information Governance strategy, the organization requires a methodological and technical solution that enforces compliance while removing the burden from end users.

Cogniva’s vision is for organizations of all sizes - including the public and private sectors - to be able to reduce costs, optimize performance and increase regulatory compliance with a user-friendly solution.


"A holistic strategy for using and managing information to meet business objectives.  Information governance assures the quality of content and data, maximizes its value, and ensures that security, privacy, and life-cycle requirements are met."

Cheryl McKinnon

Principal Analyst IM/ECMForrester

Organizational Benefits of Information Governance

✓  Consistent structure for organizing and managing corporate metadata

✓  Automated metadata creation, supported by AutoClassifciation logic,
     which determines required metadata values

✓  Links between business context and document content, which provide a
     multi-dimensional perspective on information

✓  Searchable, organizational knowledge map linking individuals to the
     business contexts with which they have experience or expertise

✓  Retention policies that are applied transparently for the end-user by
     automatically generating document metadata linked to retention policy's rules

✓  Seamless user-friendly integration with Microsoft Office desktop applications
     and Microsoft 365 ecosystem, network drives, SharePoint, and mare than
     35 content management systems (e.g. Documentum, OpenText Content Server,
     CMIS compliant platforms).

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