Modern Information Business challenges

By Yves Marleau, VP Business Development - November 09, 2021

Consistent Information Governance Framework

Business Problem - Microsoft 365 and MS Teams are innovative and very powerful tool that work very well in simple collaborative environments. Unfortunately, they have serious drawbacks in the context of organization’s strict regulatory framework.
Most organizations are really challenged in deciding how to go about in configuring and deploying MS365 and MS Teams. There is a fundamental tension in MS 365 / Teams implementations between a collaboration-focused architecture and compliance/governance requirements.

The quest for a simple and intuitive collaboration experience for MS365 and MS Teams almost always fall short in meeting more complex compliance requirements. This also leads to difficulties such as ‘architectural sprawl’, as MS365 sites and groups proliferate without proper governance.

Solution - C3 provides a coherent business context sensitive model and related methodology to guide organizations in making the right architecture and configuration decisions when deploying MS 365, MS Teams, SharePoint and GCdocs.
C3 complements these tools with functionalities that increases automation, horizontal integration and makes I possible to meet GoC complex compliance requirements.

Information Governance Framework Sustainability

Business Problem - Cloud based tools such as MS 365, MS Teams and SharePoint are often implemented as individual projects with minimal global integration planning. The result is an environment built on a flawed information architecture where horizontal integrations are afterthoughts. Sustainability of this type of environment is very difficult if not impossible. There’s a very high risk for organizations of losing control their Information Governance infrastructure.

Solution - C3 business context sensitive model yields a coherent Information Architecture common to MS 365, MS Teams, SharePoint and GCdocs.

All future maintenance decision can be made based on the common Information architecture, not individual tools. Horizontal impacts of changes to IG components are known and can be managed accordingly.

Content Organisation and Findability

Business Problem - Without proper governance in MS 365, MS Teams, SharePoint and GCdocs sites, groups, teams and folders proliferate to re-create and environment that rapidly becomes very similar to the traditional shared drive structures and their inherent information chaos. With the proliferation of cloud repositories, users often don’t know where to save their information. Information ends-up in different structures on differ systems making precise and comprehensive searches almost impossible.

Solution - C3 automatically creates rich and consistent tags (metadata) with no or minimal user intervention on every piece of information it processes. These tags are consistent and coherent across all platforms (MS 365, MS Teams, SharePoint and GCdocs) making information findable regardless of where it was saved.


Business Problem - There are multiple solutions that do a great job at protecting information confidentiality and access. However, there is one major problem that persists: determining which information needs to be protected and at what level it should be protected.
These important decisions are usually left to end users and experience has proven that in too many cases they will make the wrong decisions. This situation can put many organizations at risk.

Solution - C3 patented context sensitive semantic engine and advanced AI algorithms work in tandem to analyze the content of the information and understand in which business context the information is related to to decide on what security classification level to assign to the content. C3 can also apply MS365 sensitivity labels as well as manage access permissions in SharePoint and GCdocs based its understanding of the content.


Business Problem - In most content management systems, compliance rules such as retention and disposition are applied by end users. This is done by moving content to a specific folder where compliance rules are inherited or by manually selecting a retention label in MS 365. To be accurate, this technique requires a deep understanding of the compliance rules by end users, which is typically not the case. The result is a very poor level of accuracy in the application of compliance rules. While MS365 provides some capabilities for automatic tagging of retention and sensitivity labels, there are limitations to these tools. They all work with the content of documents but don’t consider the business context which is essential for information management compliance and reporting

Solution - C3 patented context sensitive semantic engine and advanced AI algorithms are the foundation that enables C3 to apply compliance rules accurately and consistently. C3 complements MS365, MS Teams, SharePoint and GCdocs to make it possible to easily enable complex Government of Canada Compliance rules.


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